Hungarian Painter, Art Director

Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Masters degree in graphic design, painting, and teaching arts

Lived in Pasadena, Southern California (from 1986 - 1993)
Currently living in Budapest, Hungary

Since early childhood studied dawing and painting.
Worked as a graphic designer for several decades and returned to painting.

His main motifs are stairs and walls, streets and landscapes, usually devoid of a human figure. A strange, often qualmish mood, an untold narrative or the possibility of an event lingering on his paintings. As the glass is half full or half empty - one can ascend on the stairs to the light or descend to the darkness, - the artist offering the possibility of his choice to the viewer. We can choose to admire the stillness of an empty street of cringe from its screeching vaccum.

Dobay is articulated in many different styles, from lyrical geometric abstraction to a narrative irony and his mediums range from chalk and oil painting to collage.