Painter, graphic designer, animator, fashion designer

Born in 1957 Budapest, lives in Paris

From early childhood Marika Nemeth’s greatest passion was to draw – influenced by her late father Laszlo Saly Nemeth whose artistic activities she witnessed practically from the cradle.

After her studies she chose fashion design as an occupation but very soon the animation world became her true home.
At 20 years old she started painting.

In 1981, Nemeth moved to Paris and continued her work as a painter - and also lived in Portugal where she worked in animation as a background painter and animator.

In 1984, she was hired by Studio Gaumont and moved back to Paris. Besides her work as animator for several commercial and short films, she kept up with her passion for painting and had several exhibits of her work between 1987 and 1995.

In 1996, Nemeth graduated with a diploma from the Institute de Cotoure Parisienne as a fashion designer.
Between 1997 and 2004 she worked at Walt Disney Paris on several feature animations as an FX animator.

Since 1999 Nemeth has participated in an icon painting group and has learned the technique of this thousand years old craft.
This unique subject became her passion and she has had several group exhibitions of her work since.